The Joys and Fears of Signing a Listing Agreement

“YASSS, we did it!”

“Ohmigoodness, we did it?”

My mind has been bouncing between these two opposing statements over the last week. Ever since G and I sat at our dining table beside our realtor and signed our names to a listing agreement. An agreement placing our first home on the market officially.

Thinking about saying goodbye to our little house is bittersweet. There is a certain electricity behind the unknown. Will we be able to sell our house as quickly and easily as we believe we may? Will the process be as flawless as our first homebuying experience? Will we be able to get into contract and move into the house we’ve been eyeing for the past month (and have our hearts set upon)? The uncertainty of the future is worse than a ship in rough water.

I feel what is worse than the uncertainty, though, is the thought of losing the comfort our first home has brought us. I mean, G and I moved into this house only three months after our wedding day. We’ve grown as a couple under this house’s roof. We brought in our pups and raised them within its walls. We clocked countless hours of sweat equity and elbow grease to make this house into a home. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We’ve argued. We’ve loved. And through it all, we return every day knowing the warmth inside is ready to greet us.

After all that, the thought of moving into a new space is intimidating.

Yet, still, the excitement is building. As we near the day our listing goes “Live” to the public, the excitement rises almost as much as my Pinterest pins count under “Home”.

This is our last week before things get even more chaotic. On Friday, our house will be Active and G and I will be bouncing around town trying to corral the dogs while (hopefully!) multiple showings are scheduled to view our little corner of the world. We’re ready. Well, as ready as we can be. The paint is currently drying on our kitchen cabinets, the last of our big projects before a real estate photographer come into our space to document our hard work.

It is getting real, friends.

*Originally posted on another personal blog before The Peony Farmhouse was purchased.

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