Three Days Later: Pending Offer

The first showing at 1:00pm on Thursday produced our first offer on our first home. Within a half hour of a positive review from the viewers, a first offer arrived. G and I were speechless. Not only did we have a day full of showings still to go, but we had received validation that our hard work had been worth it over the past two years. Someone liked our house! Someone wanted our house!

Following the second showing at 4:00pm, another offer had been made. And a third was promised following the last showing of the day at 5:30pm. It was an exhilarating end of the day as G and I sat together at dinner and praised God at the blessings He has granted us. We kept rereading the feedback reports we had received throughout the day, all reading about the same:

As first-time Sellers, G and I both had a lot of questions Thursday evening. We called our realtor, Dawn, and asked her, “So, what’s next? How do we manage three offers on the table? What sort of timeframe do we have to make a decision? Do we wait for other showings or offers to come in?”

We have a lot of trust in Dawn and were pleased with her responses. She explained that we would not want to keep the potential buyers waiting too long. We did have one more scheduled showing still remaining Friday at noon, but with three over-asking-price offers already on the table, Dawn recommended we meet Saturday morning and make a decision. She said she’d reach out to the buyers’ agents and let them know to bring their highest and best offers by Friday evening.

And so we waited.

The Friday noon showing received a good review as well, but with the party uninterested in placing an offer into the ring. G and I were not too concerned though. That is until Dawn texted us stating the first offer had decided to descend their offer. Now we only had, officially, one offer on the plate as the third promised one remained unseen. The third agent continued to promise Dawn that an offer would be coming before nightfall, but until the paper was in-hand, we were holding our breath. The excitement from the day before was slowly deflating.

By the time I returned home from work, we continued to only have one offer. Not overly concerning as an offer is an offer, but G and I were fretting that it too could disappear. But then… a text from Dawn made our entire weekend:

The third offer had officially dropped.

G and I had been hoping for at least asking price, but here we were with an offer $10,000 over, inspections waived, pre-approval, and 2-weeks delayed possession. Someone clearly wanted our first house to be their new home.

It took all I could not to begin crying.

A sense of extreme relief came over both G and myself as we sat on the couch, jaws dropped. It was an incredibly humbling experience to read that short highlight of the full offer. Someone had come into our home and pictured themselves creating a life within its walls. The warmth we know from this cozy little home was also felt by someone else. The dreams we made into reality were appreciated so much by someone that he or she deemed it necessary to make such a generous offer. It was more than we could have imagined.

With a sigh of relief, G and I were able to rest peacefully the remainder of the night knowing that by the morning we would not only be under contract as Sellers, but also as Buyers.

Dawn joined us for coffee at our dining room table Saturday morning as we accepted, in writing, the offer from this unknown third party. As we signed our names to the last page of the contract, G and I also officially became contracted to purchase the Pillar House — an agreement that had been contingent upon us accepting an offer of our first home.

Within only three days’ time, our house had been listed, showed, and sold. Note the “2d” time stamp between my initial share of our listing and the SOLD sign in our yard:

It is crazy how quickly the housing market is moving currently. G and I would never have imagined that our house would have sold in such a short timespan. Ha! We could not even imagine that our house would have sold within the first month of the new year. What a sudden (and sometime intimidating) change in events! Yesterday, we were worried that we may lose the home of our dreams due to contingency, and today we’re concerned with how in the world we’ll get everything packed in time for closing. Life is a funny thing, isn’t it?

We are excited to begin the transition into preparing to move while also awaiting our house’s appraisal and new house’s inspection. The wheels continue to turn, but G and I do plan to take the afternoon today and celebrate. We’re planning a day of beginning preparation of upcoming home improvements, sipping wine at one of our favorite wineries, and perusing a few local antique shops.

To God be the glory — thank you, Lord, for your continued blessings in our lives!

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