Design Board: Mudroom/Laundry

When you live in a house where every room will ultimately be receiving a facelift, it is difficult to decide where to start. I have some basic design ideas for each room. However, our mudroom/laundry is one I have been particularly fascinating on lately. Maybe it is because I would love to remodel this space over the winter months or that I’ve had a vision for awhile and wanted to get it “on paper.” Whatever the reasoning, I sat down and created a design board for our mudroom/laundry and wanted to share it for you all.

The main theme in the mudroom/laundry is the color palette. I love this sage color and wanted to implement it into the cabinetry of the room. To tie the bathroom with this space, I have already painted a vanity (purchased for $20 off Marketplace). Matte gold hardware replaced the old handles on the vanity and will be used on the laundry’s future cabinets as well.

Inspiration for this color design stemmed from a variety of Pinterest finds and a thorough love for peonies:

With the front and patio doors unusable at the moment, the mudroom/laundry receives a lot of traffic in our house. It is our only entrance at the moment, how to shuffle the dogs to the backyard, the go-between to the only working bathroom, and the main storage area for all our personal hygiene and cleaning supplies. So I needed to be practical and strategical on the layout of the room while also wanting to focus on the design. Key items and/or ideas I knew the room needed:

  • Lots of storage space in the form of cabinets (I did not want open shelves due to simplicity of cleaning — this is a dusty space!)
  • Shoe and coat storage for quick-grab and on-the-go movement
  • New pass-through doorway into the living room
  • Light primary colors and bright lighting sources due to sizing of the room (11′ 8″ by 6′ 3″) and the wish to keep the space airy
  • Area to create a “dog station” to feed the pups and store their leashes, treats, grooming instruments, etc.

All of this accumulates into the following design board:

Can I mention again how much I LOVE the color of the cabinetry?! Even though I only have the bathroom vanity available to envision the full set-up, I already know once the full mudroom/laundry is complete there will be no regrets. The sage is absolutely stunning with the matte gold hardware. Aside from the cabinets, the walls and ceiling will be a soft white, which I am still attempting to narrow down, and black farmhouse-style hanging lanterns will brighten the closed-in room. The wall behind the cabinets will be accented with black and white peony wallpaper. (The bathroom will match this peony theme as well.) Charcoal vinyl tile floors will be adorned with a jute runner to add texture.

A bench with coat rack and show storage will be nestled beside the laundry cabinet. The wooden bench top will be stained a medium-brown and baskets will sit underneath to store hats, gloves, and other little outdoors necessities. A dog station complete with portraits of Copper and Indy will rest adjacent from the bench, beside the bathroom doorway. I plan to build a floating bowl stand that will sit beneath a wall shelf of the same wood stain as the bench. The shelf will be fastened with a glass jar to store quick-grab treats for the pups as well as some hooks for their leashes.

Upon developing this design concept, I then took to creating a mock-up of the mudroom/laundry:

The majority of this room will be built by Grant and me also. The cabinets will need to be custom-built to the dimensions necessary to house our Samsung appliances and pedestals will also be custom-built for them to rest. Shoe storage shelves will hide behind shiplap. And, as mentioned before, the dog station will be custom designed and created by us.

Though I am not sure of the actual timing our mudroom/laundry will be completed, I am excited to see our plans come to fruition!

Of course, I might change my mind again by that time and have a new design to update you with…

Until next time,

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