The Project List

This is a list of items on our house project checklist. We will continue to update the list as we move forward.

If you see an item crossed out, that means we’ve completed it! (And probably found five more items to add behind it. Ha!)


  1. Reroof house and add venting
  2. Remove chimney on roof/cap entrance
  3. Replace basement door and frame
  4. Replace garage back door and frame
  5. Replace garage front door and frame
  6. Replace garage windows (0 of 2)
  7. Change French patio door to slider
  8. Remove front door and side lights
  9. Center front door frame and replace door
  10. Install plumbing for front spigot
  11. Install plumbing for backyard spigot
  12. Remove all window shutters
  13. Build and paint new window shutters
  14. Caulk all windows and frames
  15. Waterproof paint all window frames/trim
  16. Waterproof paint all door frames/trim
  17. Paint exterior doors
  18. Remove dead tree in front of house
  19. Remove dead tree in backyard
  20. Plant tree(s) in front yard
  21. Plant tree(s) in backyard
  22. Landscape front yard
  23. Landscape backyard
  24. Rebuild privacy fence
  25. Design and plant a vegetable garden
  26. Remove fort in backyard
  27. Widen driveway/resurface
  28. Organize garage
  29. Install electric lines for outdoor lighting
  30. Install electric lines for security cameras
  31. Build four seasons room to back of house
  32. Build new deck
  33. Design outdoor hosting space
  34. Extend garage
  35. Install new mailbox
  36. Add exterior outlets
  37. Install holiday/decorative lighting
  38. Add front lantern from gable
  39. Level front porch
  40. Install swing on front porch
  41. Replace front pillars’ wood and waterproof
  42. Paint exterior bricks
  43. Reside entire house

Basement Interior

  1. Stabilize foundation
  2. Install new I-beam for structural support
  3. Rebuild basement exterior stairs
  4. Insulate crawlspaces
  5. Stabilize bay window additions
  6. Stabilize kitchen addition
  7. Remove unnecessary/unused wiring and plumbing
  8. Mortar basement foundational bricks
  9. Insulate basement exterior walls
  10. Install better lighting
  11. Design gym space
  12. Replace basement windows
  13. Remove central vacuum system

Main Floor Interior

  1. Remove old, broken window treatments
  2. Remove broken window panes/grates/screens
  3. Deep clean entire main floor
  4. Spider/bug spray and pest repellent
  5. Clean ducts
  6. Hang window treatments
  7. Replace mud room/garage door and frame
  8. Replace mud room/main bathroom pocket door
  9. Replace all windows on main level (0 of 8)
  10. Add main bathroom shower plumbing
  11. Replace main bathroom light and fan
  12. Gut main bathroom
  13. Redo main bathroom electric/plumbing/etc.
  14. Remodel main bathroom
  15. Purchase washer and dryer (stackable)
  16. Install electric, plumbing, and venting for laundry
  17. Gut mud room
  18. Remodel mud room
  19. Add new doorway between mud room/living room
  20. Close-in stairway to create closet space
  21. Design high-function coat closet
  22. Replace cleaning closet frame and door
  23. Design high-function cleaning closet
  24. Remove landing from staircase
  25. Rebuild staircase from main to 2nd floor
  26. Gut living room
  27. Redo living room electric/insulation/hvac/etc.
  28. Rebuild built-ins
  29. Remove window seat
  30. Remodel living room
  31. Install (4) I-beams to stabilize 2nd floor
  32. Install (2) headers for I-beam support
  33. Gut study
  34. Redo study electric/insulation/hvac/etc.
  35. Remodel study
  36. Install plumbing for kitchen sink
  37. Gut kitchen/dining room
  38. Redo kitchen/dining electric/insulation/plumbing/hvac/etc.
  39. Remodel kitchen
  40. Purchase new kitchen appliances
  41. Purchase new kitchen cabinets and counters
  42. Remove chimney
  43. Remodel dining room
  44. Paint entire main floor
  45. Refloor entire main floor

2nd Floor & Loft Interior

  1. Remove old, broken window treatments
  2. Remove broken window panes/grates/screens
  3. Deep clean entire 2nd floor
  4. Deep clean entire loft
  5. Spider/bug spray and pest repellent
  6. Remove loft dormer
  7. Repair loft roofing joists
  8. Replace all windows on 2nd floor (0 of 11)
  9. Gut master bathroom
  10. Remove chimney
  11. Close-in 4th bedroom door
  12. Install door between master bathroom/4th bedroom
  13. Support master bath flooring
  14. Redo master bath electric/insulation/plumbing/etc.
  15. Move 4th bedroom closet rack to master bedroom
  16. Design master bath walk-in shower
  17. Purchase master bath soaking tub
  18. Remodel master bath vanity area
  19. Replace hall/master bath door and frame
  20. Install pocket door between master bed/bath
  21. Replace hall/master bed door and frame
  22. Gut master bedroom
  23. Blowout wall to create walk-in master closet
  24. Replace master bedroom closet door
  25. Redo master bed electric/insulation/hvac/etc.
  26. Remodel master bedroom
  27. Replace hall/2nd bedroom door and frame
  28. Gut 2nd bedroom
  29. Redo 2nd bedroom electric/insulation/hvac/etc.
  30. Build new closet for 2nd bedroom
  31. Remodel 2nd bedroom
  32. Replace hall/3rd bedroom door and frame
  33. Guy 3rd bedroom
  34. Redo 3rd bedroom electric/insulation/hvac/etc.
  35. Replace 3rd bedroom closet door
  36. Replace 3rd bedroom loft entrance door
  37. Remodel 3rd bedroom
  38. Paint entire 2nd floor
  39. Refloor entire 2nd floor
  40. Insulate loft
  41. Remodel loft


  1. Disconnect fuel furnace
  2. Hook up propane
  3. Trench propane line
  4. Replace sump pump
  5. Install new propane furnace
  6. Install new air conditioner
  7. Install new thermostat
  8. Add 100 amp sub-panel to garage
  9. Install smoke detectors throughout house